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Music of Luma, The ($15.00)

The new musical score for LUMA is an eclectic mix of symphonic rock, playful melodies and contagious rhythms.  Like mini film scores, each piece was composed to support the physical actions of the performers on stage. From the hypnotic pulse of a rain forest, to the explosive beats in a musical battle of staves, to the humorous sounds of a bizarre underwater seascape, the music of Luma will do for the ears what Luma does for the eyes.  

Quasimodo, Prince of Fools ($19.95)

Quasimodo, Prince of Fools comes with a 12-page booklet of liner notes of each the 29 songs. Playing time is nearly 80 minutes.

RappCity On Blue ($15.95)

An instrumental Jazz/rock album. Songs include "Drum Machine Blues" from the movie Colors, and "Organisms" which received heavy airplay on Los Angeles’ The Wave radio station.

Rasputin, 3 CD Set w/libretto

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